I believes I’ve prostate cancer, get me outta prison – Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is languishing in prison with a new call to get him out of jail due to the fact that he believed he had prostate cancer .

According to him, his PSA count returned very high for prostate cancer. He strongly believed to be prostate cancer, because he says, “The prison has approved testing to verify what state it is in.” It appears there has been no diagnosis by a doctor.

His lawyer,  John m Philips, said Joe is scheduled to undergo further testing in prison, however, the facility is limited in what it can do. Phillips is trying to get Joe a new trial.

Joe further stated that he’s riddled with disease “I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, the mouth sores are out of control, I throw up more than I eat. I don’t want anyone’s pity, what I need is when John Phillips gets the evidence he is working on, I need the world to help him get President Biden, VP Harris and other meaningful people to step in and help.

Nicki Minaj breaks silence on father’s devastating death

Nicki Minaj breaks silence on father’s devastating death

Nicki Minaj breaks silence on father’s devastating death

American super star, Nicki Minaj is making her first public comments about the death of her loving father, Robert Maraj, in a February hit-and-run.

“Tho I can’t really bring myself to discuss the passing of my father as yet,” she wrote in a letter to fans posted on her website Friday, “I can say it has been the most devastating loss of my life.”

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The “Trollz” singer, 38 said she finds herself “wanting to call him all the time,” adding, “More so now that he’s gone. Life is funny that way.”

Minaj, who welcomed her first child in September, ended by saying, “May his soul rest in paradise. He was very loved & will be very missed.”

(Screenshot:  nickiminajofficial.com)

Maraj, 64, was crossing a Mineola, N.Y., intersection at 6:15 p.m. on Feb. 12 when he was fatally struck by a vehicle that then fled. He was taken to an area hospital in critical condition but succumbed to his injuries the next day. 

Nassau County Police tracked down the driver of the white 1992 Volvo station wagon seen on surveillance video, leading to the arrest of Charles Polevich, 70. He was charged with two felonies: leaving the scene of an accident with a fatality and tampering with evidence. He pleaded not guilty.

“He was absolutely aware of what happened,” Nassau County Police Det. Steven Fitzpatrick said at a news conference after the arrest. “He got out of the car and he looked at the deceased, got into his car, and made the conscious decision to leave instead of dialing 911, instead of calling an ambulance for the man. He went home and secluded the vehicle. He’s well aware of what he did.”

Police said Polevich — a hydrogeologist who owns Allied Pacific Environmental Consulting — exited his car after hitting Maraj, stood over him and asked if he was OK, but then walked back to his car and fled the scene. It’s alleged that he returned home and parked his car in a detached garage to conceal it from view.

Minaj’s mother, Carol Maraj, filed a $150 million civil lawsuit in March against the driver, calling his behavior “criminal, cowardly, and immoral.” An attorney for Polevich said he has a “tremendous amount of empathy for the family [and] the loss that they’ve suffered.”

Minaj, who was born Onika Tanya Maraj in Trinidad and was raised in NYC, welcomed her first child, a son with husband Kenneth Petty on Sept. 30. In her fan letter, she described herself as “overwhelmed with joy & fulfillment in the world” thanks to the baby boy she publicly refers to only as “Papa Bear.” “Each day creates a new & fascinating, magical memory that I hide far away into a little cute compartment of my heart; vowing never to forget any of it… It’s kind of crazy how they have a full personality so early on. Yesterday I made him say mama. Even got it on video. Just… Wow.”

The star has remained largely out of the spotlight otherwise, but on Friday she released her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty on streaming services for the first time, as well as new tracks “Fractions,” “Seeing Green” with Drake and Lil Wayney and the “Crocodile Teeth” remix.

China Becomes 2nd Nation To Land Spacecraft On Mars

China Becomes 2nd Nation To Land Spacecraft On Mars

In quest of knowledge outside planet Earth, China has become second Nation to land Spacecraft On Mars.

China’s first Mars rover has touched down on the red planet, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) confirmed on Saturday morning.

It is the first time China has landed a probe on a planet other than Earth and made it the second country after the United States to do so.

Tianwen-1, consisting of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, was launched from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on the coast of southern China’s island province of Hainan on July 23, 2020.

After more than six months in transit, Tianwen-1 reached the Red Planet in February where it had been in orbit since.

It was the first step in China’s planetary exploration of the solar system, with the aim of completing orbiting, landing and roving on the red planet in one mission.

The spacecraft entered the Mars orbit in February after a journey of nearly seven months through space, and spent more than two months surveying potential landing sites.

A rover, named Zhurong, will now survey the landing site before departing from its platform to conduct inspections.

Tianwen-1, or “Questions to Heaven”, after a Chinese poem written two millennia ago, is China’s first independent mission to Mars.

A probe co-launched with Russia in 2011 failed to leave the Earth’s orbit.

China Becomes 2nd Nation To Land Spacecraft On Mars

China Becomes 2nd Nation To Land Spacecraft On Mars

Fatima Buhari’s marriage to Gimba Yau Kumo has collapsed: Presidency

Nigerian government has responded to series of mystery surrounding the latest declaration of president Buhari’s son-in-law wanted by the Independent Corrupt practice commission (ICPC) over allegation of massive fraud to the tune of billions naira.

Recall… Gimba Yau Kumo has been involved in fraudulent practices as a managing director of mortgage bank in Nigeria, black most populous Nation.

Gimba Yau Kumo was married to President Buhari’s daughter in 2016 according to sources.

In a bit to clear the air, presidency has come up to announce that the marriage between Gimba and president daughter has since collapsed.